Imagine if only one out of 400 people knew how to write – think how many world-changing ideas would have never seen the light of day. We would be stuck in the dark ages – and when it comes to software development – we kind of are.

My responsibility as a digital designer is to unleash the power of software development by making it visual, so anyone can harness the power of code to build with web technologies. I want to empower people to design, build and launch amazing things.

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vision impaired human looking at big letters and small letters

Web Accessibility – A Brief Summary

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines consist of twelve guidelines that are organized into four basic principles.

While the WCAG principles define the basis for accessible web use, the guidelines provide web developers, authors and designers with clear instructions that should be considered when creating accessible content.

height building with interesting shapes

Responsive fix for the Next.js Image component

I found myself in the situation where I wanted to have real responsive images without providing height or width to the Image component.

There is currently no way to get the built-in Image component by Next.js to work like an responsive image like we're used to it. This is an easy fix to solve this challenge.

Car driving in the dark followd by light stripe

3 easy steps to fix slow image loading

Loading images on the web can be a pain, especially if you are doing a website mainly for mobile devices.

Because wireless connection is used in such cases, the transfer speed is often slower compared to a wired connection and therefore the content loads slower. Get to know some exciting ways on how to load your images faster.

Rooftop with furniture and bushes placed in a grid from above

Use CSS Grid in production  —  today

Everyone wants CSS Grid. It’s about a new layout method that will significantly change the way we design our content on the Internet.

With CSS Grid you have the opportunity to place content in an unprecedented form on a website and sort it dynamically between viewports.